Posture Series Pt. 2

February 17, 2018

Ideal Posture 



⛳️"There is no one right way to swing a golf club. There are a million ways to swing a golf club. But there is one right way for a player to maximize efficiency." @mytpi 


🤔What is ideal posture? 
Ideal posture is hard to define because there is so much variation in the human body from person to person. What 💡"ideal posture" is for one person may not be "ideal" for another, based on anatomy.


⛳️I like to think of ideal posture as the position in which the muscles are at optimal length-tension relationship. Optimal length-tension relationship describes the muscles being in a position where they have the potential to produce maximum force. In non-optimal postures, we see muscle imbalances where they are either too lengthened or too shortened🙅.

deal posture in of itself does not mean a golfer will have an efficient swing 🏌🏽; however, it significantly increases the likelihood for success. Therefore, posture in the golf swing (set up) is important because it subsequently affects the sequence of events that comes afterwards.


With the #bodyswingconnection, this can lead to:
🚫Decreased thoracic rotation
🚫Decreased hip rotation
🚫Decreased shoulder mobility
🚫Decreased abdominal activation
🚫Decreased glute🍑 activation
🚫Overuse of paraspinals


Possible inefficiencies in the golf swing that may result from poor posture include: ⛳️
🚫Nonoptimal takeaway sequence
🚫Nonoptimal transition sequence


Next post: Can ideal posture be measured? 

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February 17, 2018

February 17, 2018

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