Observe. Measure. Prescribe.

We believe in the approach of observing a movement, measuring stability and mobility deficits, and prescribing an individualized program to meet your needs.



Movement Analysis

Using motion capture technology, we start by filming your movement and identifying swing characteristics. We break your swing down into phases (address, backswing, transition, impact, and follow through), and begin to hypothesize what physical impairments may be present.



Flexibility. Motor Control. Strength.

Next, we take you through a golf specific physical screen to identify mobility and stability deficits throughout your body. Movement Improvement Institute then takes you through a fitness assessment to identify balance, strength and power, and cardiovascular abilities.



Individualized to you.

Based on the findings from our examination, we design a program to improve posture, balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, and power. The program is tailored to meet your needs and to help you reach your goals, including hitting the ball farther, improving your consistency, and decreasing your risk for injury.



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